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Where To Buy Big Moving Boxes

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Where To Buy Big Moving Boxes

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid spending big bucks on moving boxes. Finding free moving supplies near you from various stores, online marketplaces and community groups, could save hundreds of dollars on moving expenses. With the exception of a few specialty boxes designed to fit certain TVs and mirrors, you could potentially move your entire home using free boxes.

According to, typical costs for boxes run anywhere from $1 for a small box to $3.75 for an extra large one. However, specialty boxes (think: wardrobe boxes that allow you to store clothing on hangers and mirror boxes) cost much more. Packing paper runs $9 per pack on average, glass-packing kits cost $10 to $15 per box, and kitchen kits designed for packing glasses and dishes cost around $102.

A moving kit for a one-bedroom apartment runs $69-$90 and includes anywhere from 14 to 29 boxes. A moving kit for a two-bedroom house runs $178-$197 and contains 55-60 packing boxes. And a moving kit for a four-bedroom house runs $311-$404 and contains 86-119 boxes. (All kits also contain other supplies like packing tape, bubble wrap and markers.)

Places like U-Haul, Rent a Green Box and Bungo Box are good options if you need to rent some plastic moving boxes. Check out our roundup of the 8 of the best companies for plastic moving boxes. Need to rent other supplies Check out our recommendations on where to rent moving blankets, equipment and other moving supplies.

Our website makes it easy to find and book the best moving company for the job. To find a reliable movers, start by getting a moving quote. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands. Best of luck and happy moving!

Turns out, your local Walgreens, CVS, or even your mom-and-pop pharmacy could be an excellent destination for finding cardboard boxes at no cost. When it comes to Walgreens, for example, call your local store in advance to ask if they will save you a certain number of boxes from their next shipment, according to So long as you give the pharmacy notice, you should leave with an armful of boxes.

Your local recycling center is a prime location for scoring moving boxes of all kinds. Call ahead to make sure you can pick some up for yourself, or visit the center to learn about your options while dropping off your ready-to-recycle glass, plastic, and paper products.

Schools get a ton of deliveries, between foodstuffs, books, furniture, and supplies. Try connecting with the janitorial staff and offer to take boxes off their hands and save them the time of breaking them down for recycling.

Let our team of experts help you schedule a moving van, complete with blanket wraps, protective coverings and even custom crating. For more information, call or visit your neighborhood The UPS Store.

Ordering packing and moving supplies online is easy. Penske customers get free shipping on all orders over $100, so don't put it off. Either way you'll have one less worry on moving day. So go ahead and check one more thing off that to-do list.

Generally speaking, you probably have around 60 boxes of various sizes and they will most likely be in various states of condition. Before you get too overwhelmed, figure out how getting rid of the boxes will be easiest for you.

Facebook is another place you can easily tell your friends you have boxes for sale. Ask that they share your post, so their friends see the post, too. Feel free to add your sale to Facebook Marketplace, which will post to your community as well.

Ordered five boxes, went to pick up and they only had three, said they would credit us - never got credit. No one answers the phone or emails. They stole over $100 - I say stay away from this company!!!

Sure, you can always throw away your moving boxes after the big day. However, there are more environmentally friendly and useful ways to solve this cardboard conundrum. Which is why the moving experts at Wheaton have put together some tips on how to dispose of your moving boxes.

Call around to local businesses or post on your neighborhood app (like Nextdoor) to see if anyone needs extra boxes. (Pro tip: there is almost always someone looking for moving boxes.) You can also give your boxes away on Craigslist or even Facebook Marketplace. Otherwise, there may be businesses in your area that are in need of moving boxes.

Giving away or donating your moving boxes will take a little extra time compared to just throwing them out. However, if you find an organization or business in need, you can feel good about donating your boxes to a worthy cause!

Some cities pick up recyclable materials upon request. Check with your local recycling centers to see if they provide similar services. Ask the center about any stipulations they have about acceptable boxes for recycling. For instance, they may require that boxes be flattened or shaped into a certain size. They may even require a certain number of boxes to qualify for pick-up services.

If you have small children, you may want to use the boxes for creative art projects down the road as well. You can make tunnels, playhouses or dollhouses from large boxes, for example. You could even use the boxes to make creative Halloween costumes.

If you plan on moving again within a year or two, simply keep your boxes stored away for your next relocation. Flatten out your boxes and store them in a dry, dark place. This way, you can save yourself the time, hassle and money of getting moving boxes in the near future.

The best way to get rid of moving boxes right after a relocation is to hire a moving company that removes them for you. When you make your move with Wheaton, we offer services from the start to the finish of your move. Your Wheaton moving team will even remove cardboard boxes after unpacking your belongings. To move with Wheaton, get in touch with your local agent today!

Just as boxes need to be designed for a move, so should the packing materials. From bubble wrap to packing paper, the material must fill lose space, pad your items, and cushion contents from shock. Shortchanging the packing material can result in items being damaged even when the box they travel in looks fine. Ensure you are using material designed to handle all elements of the moving experience.

Top Box by Gentle Giant offers a full array of moving boxes and packing supplies for moves of any size. Whether you are moving with Gentle Giant or moving on your own, Top Box can help get you packing!

If you are uncertain of your packing needs, we have basic packs; pre-set selections of moving boxes and packing supplies for moves ranging in size from studio apartments to large houses. We also offer packing services to ease the stress of your move.

Every year, thousands of students move into the Seattle area in order to attend the University of Washington, which operates multiple campuses throughout the city. With these students comes thousands of boxes that are used once and then discarded. Most campuses and student housing projects have a box disposal area and are happy to to give away unneeded boxes to anyone who asks. Try calling Student Services at (206) 543-4059 and asking for more information. This is best done in the late summer months right before the faculty semester begins.

The DIY-moving giant U-Haul has created a box exchange on its website where people can give away their moving boxes after their move, or request boxes in advance of their move. U-Haul makes good quality moving boxes, whether you are reusing them or buying them new. Recycle any boxes with crushed corners, tears, water damage, or any other problems. A damaged box is no good for your move!

The first big tip from Cardinal is to pack boxes so that they are full, but not overstuffed. This will become important when it comes time to stack them in the storage unit. Boxes need to be stable to sit atop one another. If they are too empty, they can collapse; if they are too full they can tip over. Other advice includes:

We rent plastic moving boxes in Austin so that you can get back to normal as quickly and with as little stress as possible. Our reusable, heavy-duty moving boxes for rent make it easy to pack and move your home or business. Call us today at (512) 815-0234 to learn more, or click below to order Bronko Box moving supplies in Austin, TX, online!

Moving is a task that most dread, but you can prepare in advance to make the moving process go as smoothly as possible. Getting to a new residence is only half the battle in the moving process. Packing swallows most of your time. The first step in moving is gathering the right supplies.

A standard tool kit encapsulates a 16-ounce hammer, 12-ounce hammer, four-way screwdriver and basic screwdriver set, utility knife, putty knife, handheld drill, measuring tape, saw, pliers, wrench, hooks, wire, goggles, work gloves and an array of nails and screws. You never know what you might need in the moving process from removing wall hangings to disassembling furniture.

While you could open boxes with scissors, we still recommend having a box cutter handy. Use scissors for cutting packing paper, bubble wrap and packing tape. Ensure that your scissors are sharpened to avoid injury. Advertisement THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary. Get Your Free Moving Estimate

After loading all boxes and furniture into the moving truck, everything needs to be secured with bungee cords. Otherwise, items will roll around everywhere in utter chaos leaving damage in their wake. In place of bungee cords, cargo straps or rope will get the job done. 59ce067264



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