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How Do You Buy More Storage On Iphone

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How Do You Buy More Storage On Iphone

iPhone storage can never be expanded beyond what the phone came with when you purchased it. Buying more iCloud storage does not increase the physical space on your iPhone. iCloud permits you to sync more data with iCloud if you run out of space on the cloud by needing more space than the free 5GB of iCloud space.

If you are out of space on your phone, you will have to delete things you don't need or use, such as Apps, Photos, Music, Videos, Files, Messages, Email, etc. Or perhaps it's time to buy a newer iPhone with more physical memory.

You cannot buy more storage space on your phone. It will always have the same amount it came with. You can buy space in Apple's synching service iCloud. The only way to create space on the phone is to delete photos, messages, apps., etc.. Be sure to save important photos and data to your computer or an external drive. Check these links...

iCloud virtual storage and iPhone physical storage are two completely different things and one cannot be substituted for the other. The iPhone physical storage is set when you bought the iPhone and cannot be increased. Perhaps these articles will help:

An Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac comes with a set amount of storage. The more storage your device has, the more music, apps, photos, and other content you can store on that device. If your device storage is almost full or full, you might get an alert.

To access your content on any device and help optimize your storage, you can also use iCloud storage. You can use iCloud storage to keep photos, videos, device backups, and more, and keep this content up-to-date across your devices. When your iCloud storage is almost full or full, you might get an alert and you can buy more.

iCloud+ is the premium subscription that expands your iCloud service with all the storage you need for your data and features like iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, and HomeKit Secure Video support.

With iCloud, you automatically get 5 GB of free iCloud storage for your photos, videos, files and more. If you want more storage and premium features, you can upgrade to iCloud+ from any of your devices.

iCloud+ is a premium subscription that provides additional storage to keep your photos, videos, files, and more backed up and automatically available across your devices. It also includes access to features like iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, Custom Email Domain, and HomeKit Secure Video support for a private and connected experience.

When you buy an iPhone, you automatically get 5GB of free storage on Apple's iCloud service. But, if that's not enough space for all your photos, documents, messages, and other data, you may need to consider buying more iCloud storage space.

3. At the top of the iCloud page underneath the bar showing how much storage space you're using, tap Manage Storage. If you're using iOS 10.2 or older, tap Storage.

4. If you don't currently have an iCloud storage subscription, tap Buy More Storage. If you already have a plan and want to increase it, tap Change Storage Plan.

The "Media" section in your iPhone storage report includes music, movies, and images outside of your Photos app. For example, if you download tracks in Apple Music instead of playing them from the cloud, those files will fall under "Media."

There are two built-in iOS settings that can help you clean up a significant amount of storage on your iPhone -- one permanent and the other temporary -- so that you can install the latest software updates, take more photos and videos and download more apps. Here's what you need to know.

It's not always easy to just delete what's in your camera roll, so if you want to keep your precious memories, or even just your meme screenshots, but still want to free up device storage, the easiest way to do that is by optimizing the photos and videos already stored on your device.

To optimize your photos and videos, go to Settings > Photos and toggle on Optimize iPhone S



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