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Type: MeleeCo-op Complexity: 1Solo Complexity: 2Play Style: Healing support and damaging status effects.General Overview: Patches is the resident sawbones of the Gearloc party and is part of the core game. While his main function is to support and heal the group, Patches is well versed in the use of toxins that will wear down his opponents. Innate Skill: A medic is only useful to the group if they can stay on their own two feet. Thankfully, Patches has the Recovery innate ability which allows him to heal himself for one health at the start of his round. When upgraded to Major Recovery, Patches immediately gains a permanent one point boost to his health. With Major Recovery, Patches can choose to heal another Gearloc in his party for one point at the start of his turn instead of himself.

mrs funny bones pdf 325



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