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Armenian Hot Naked Girls


Armenian Hot Naked Girls

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On Thursday, Hannah, the wife of one of our pastors, reached us aftergreat suffering and exposure. They lived in Nazi, and heard the report thatthe Russians were leaving. They couldn't believe it, but on Sunday afternoonKurds from the west came and began plundering. The people all fled to awalled village, because they thought they might be safer there and becauseour preacher there, Kasha Oner (Preacher Abner), had many friends amongthe Kurds, being a mountaineer. On Monday, a Kurd visited them, pretendingthat he had been sent by the Turks from the city, telling them they needhave no fear, as they would be protected ; but it became evident thathe was a spy. Afterwards a band of Kurds came, demanded the guns, and dranktea with the people; then others came and they began robbing and killing.The people gathered together like a flock of frightened sheep, and manywere slaughtered. The greater part of them got through the great gatewaywhile the Kurds were plundering, and that night they spent in the mountainswithout food or shelter and with very little covering. One of our girls,Katie, who had gone home on Friday for her Christmas vacation, was amongthem. She saw her mother murdered and had to leave her body lying by thegate as they ran. The next morning more than four hundred of them startedtowards the city, cold, hungry, exhausted; many, having lost their shoesin their flight, had frozen and bleeding feet. Hannah came here, her feetwere dressed, and she is lying comfortably on a mattress on Miss Lamme'sfloor. Her husband and daughter were already here. The rest of the partywere taken in at our College compound, two miles west of the city.

Several families from Degala are camped in our parlour, and the nightbefore last Victoria, one of the women, came to me and said an old womanhad just come in who didn't seem able to answer anything she asked her.I found her crouched in a corner of the hall. She said she was so cold.At first she couldn't eat, but after drinking some tea she improved. Wehad absolutely no place but a stone floor for her ; but we took upa carpet from my bedroom, rolled her up in it in the upper hallway, andshe went to sleep. She was the janitress of our church in Barbaroud , fifteenmiles to the south. The Kurds did their worst there several days ago, andshe had escaped, barefooted, almost naked, and without food. She died aday or two later.

Mr. Allen returned last evening from his journey to the villages of theNazlu river. Several thousand fled towards Russia ; many have hiddenwith Moslems, who are now trying to force them to become Mohammedans andto give their girls in marriage to Moslems. In Ada perhaps as many as ahundred were killed, most of them young men. It is told that they were stoodup in line, one behind another, by the Kurds, to see how many one bulletwould kill. I went down to see the woman in the room under mine who hadreceived word of the killing of her brother in Karadjalu. Everywhere thereis wailing and sadness, and her lamentation for her dead brother is thewail of thousands of hearts :--

Lucy, daughter of Kasha (preacher) David of Ardishai, came in yesterdaywith her baby from Gulpashan, where they had been refugees for some time,living in terror of Kurds by day and night. They also feared the Moslemneighbours and the Turkish guards sent in to protect the village. Her ownvillage was Tehargousha. In terror the p


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