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Mature Teens Orgy

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The first would have been unthinkable two decades ago: a PG-13 niche. PG-13 for a horror movie It makes sense from a marketing standpoint - find a way to get all those pre-teens and teenagers into theaters - but not from a creative standpoint. How can anyone justify watering down a horror movie and still having anything worthwhile left over It's also worth noting that a lot of these PG-13 efforts are re-makes of Asian horror movies, thereby making a statement about Hollywood's ongoing artistic bankruptcy.

The second is an orgy of sadism and self-referential mockery. We have Scream (a good film in its own right) to thank for the second part of the equation. No longer is it acceptable just to pour on the gore and violence. Now, there has to be a comedic side to things. As for the other part... there has always been an element of sadism in slasher movies, but there used to be something to offset it: a sense of horror (hence, the genre name) about what's happening. In Halloween, the viewer's sympathies are with Laurie Strode, and every killing raises the level of terror. In recent horror movies, with cardboard characters not even the most sensitive movie-goer could care about, the point is the killings. This is sadistic voyeurism. This is what nearly every horror movie is about that isn't a teen-friendly remake of an Asian ghost story.

What elements are necessary for a good horror film Fans can argue about this for days and nights, but I think there are four:(1) An adult sensibility. This doesn't mean there has to be a lot blood and gore, although such things are allowed. It means the movie must be made for an audience mature enough to absorb what's happening. Mass murders, even in movies, should not be laughed off.(2) Building tension. If you don't think this is necessary to a successful horror movie, re-watch Halloween and pay careful attention to the scene late in the movie when Laurie is trying to get into the house as Michale unhurriedly approaches her from across the street. (3) Atmosph


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