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How to Download and Read Gairah dan Cinta Enny Arrow PDF for Free

Gairah dan Cinta Enny Arrow: A Review of the Controversial Indonesian Novel

Gairah dan Cinta (Passion and Love) is a novel by Enny Arrow, a pseudonym of Enny Sukaesih Probowidagdo, a famous Indonesian writer of erotic fiction. The novel was published in 1980 and became a best-seller among young readers in Indonesia. However, the novel also sparked controversy and criticism for its explicit and graphic depiction of sex and adultery. In this article, we will review the novel and its impact on Indonesian literature and society.

gairah dan cinta enny arrow pdf

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What is the novel about?

The novel tells the story of Sonya, a beautiful and wealthy woman who is married to Rudi, a successful businessman. However, Sonya is unhappy and bored with her marriage, as Rudi is often busy and neglects her. Sonya then begins an affair with Ardi, a young and handsome man who works as a driver for Rudi's company. Sonya and Ardi have a passionate and adventurous sexual relationship, which they try to keep secret from Rudi and others. However, their affair soon leads to trouble and tragedy, as they face the consequences of their actions.

What are the themes and symbols of the novel?

The novel explores the themes of love, lust, betrayal, jealousy, revenge, and morality. The novel also uses various symbols to convey its messages, such as:

  • The car: The car represents Sonya's freedom and escape from her dull and unhappy marriage. She often uses the car to meet Ardi and have sex with him in different places. The car also symbolizes the danger and risk of their affair, as they may be caught or exposed by others.

  • The mirror: The mirror represents Sonya's vanity and self-deception. She often looks at herself in the mirror and admires her beauty and youth. She also uses the mirror to seduce Ardi and to hide her guilt and remorse.

  • The gun: The gun represents Rudi's power and authority. He owns a gun and keeps it in his office. He also uses the gun to threaten and intimidate Ardi when he discovers their affair. The gun also symbolizes the violence and death that result from their affair.

What is the impact of the novel on Indonesian literature and society?

The novel has a significant impact on Indonesian literature and society, as it is one of the first and most popular novels that openly portray sex and adultery in Indonesia. The novel also reflects the social changes and conflicts that occurred in Indonesia during the New Order era, such as the rise of consumerism, urbanization, modernization, and westernization. The novel also challenges the traditional values and norms of Indonesian culture, such as marriage, family, religion, and morality.

The novel has also generated various reactions and responses from different groups of people in Indonesia. Some people praised the novel for its realism, creativity, and courage. They also considered the novel as a form of expression and liberation for women who were oppressed and marginalized by patriarchy. Some people criticized the novel for its vulgarity, immorality, and corruption. They also considered the novel as a threat and an insult to Indonesian culture and identity. Some people banned or censored the novel for its controversial content. They also tried to prosecute or persecute the author and the publisher for violating the law or public order. a27c54c0b2



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