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Image with caption: DOWNLOAD: iosfarming 11 janvier 2022 at 7 h 32 min. 50313cb6dd5 azin. 97c7e64ebcaHome Hollywood, High Style The Perennial Shopping Festival is a whos who of popular and up-and-coming designers. Shoppers can shop the hottest looks in Hollywood, take the selfie with a celeb or just watch the red carpet action. With two locationsone on Melrose and one on Sunsetits a shopping marathon where celebs shop while strolling the line. Whether youre at the front or in the back, the celeb mood is contagious and you wont want to miss a thing. the advice of doctors and specialists. Such treatment is recommended after a full discussion of possible complications. Option b: Avoidance and Management of Complications Up to 45% of patients who have left-sided colonic J pouch have abdominal distension.[@CIT0037] The J pouch diverts bile flow from the small intestine and bypasses the rest of the GI tract, thus requiring less liquid and electrolyte intake. This leads to significant weight loss. This is often the main complaint patients have following pouch surgery. Common mechanisms to cause this complication include poor diet and poor fluid intake. The incidence of leakage is reported to be as low as 2%.[@CIT0038] Patients may present with abdominal pain and distension related to bile extravasation. There is no evidence to support the routine performance of an upper endoscopy in patients with J pouch. The incidence of pouchitis is reported to be as high as 11%.[@CIT0039] It is asymptomatic in most patients. However, it may present as abdominal pain, distension, and weight loss.[@CIT0037] Diagnosis of pouchitis is mainly based on patient's symptoms as well as endoscopy. Treatment of pouchitis includes dietary modification, topical medication or antibiotics. Postoperative bleeding, often occurring in association with the use of NSAIDs, is rare.[@CIT0037] If it occurs, it is usually in the first 5 years. Delayed bleeding is difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis of an anastomotic leak is made by CT and/or endoscopy. If a leak is suspected, the leakage is stopped by reversal of the previous anastomosis. Overall, the leak is commonly seen in patients that received a Pfannenstiel incision for the initial surgery. Summary #S0006 ======= The J pouch can be used to manage either a simple benign, or malignant disease. The J pouch has proven to be effective, and long-lasting. However, the complications associated with the J pouch are relatively common. It is important that patients who are undergoing a J pouch surgery understand the potential complications and benefits associated with the surgery. The most common complication is discomfort and small bowel obstruction. Overall, it is a very worthwhile procedure. With a history of having a colorectal disease, patients should be fully informed of the potential complications and benefits of J pouch surgery. Each complication should be discussed and patients should understand the potential benefits and risks. We would like to thank Dr. 3d9ccd7d82


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